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Me: Hi, I’m Tim, I’m a 40-year-old male teacher and I’m being bullied

Teacher  1(Head of Self Help Group): Hi Tim

Teacher 2 (on verge of a nervous breakdown): Hi Tim

Teacher 3 (disillusioned by the profession): Hi Tim

Teacher  4 (just plain nuts): Hi Tim

Me: Everyone was very welcoming when I started at my new school, then I noticed that the people in my year group were making life difficult for me, in different ways. I started to be patronised, to be condescended, the butt of a few too many jokes and having my every mistake jumped on. If my blog proves anything it’s that I have a sense of humour but the joke just wasn’t funny anymore.

Teacher: So did you go to see the Head Teacher?

Me: The nature of bullying is that the perpetrators are calculating. If you saw written down the things they’d said, the things they’d done to me you’d be forgiven for thinking I was being oversensitive. But that’s the point. A bully is aware enough to do things that they can always justify it should they ever be confronted.

Teacher: So you’re planning on leaving?

Me: I don’t think I have any other choice. Ironically I know that if I had been placed in another year group with any of the other people in the school I wouldn’t be sat here. This time around I just got dealt a bad hand (shrugs)

Teacher: So are you leaving the job or the profession?

Me: I think both. The truth is some people go into teaching for the wrong reasons. They’re inherent bullies and teaching legitimizes bullying. They can destroy kids and who’s going to stop them? It’s always their word against a child’s. I think I need to step off the teaching treadmill. We’re expecting our first child in February I just want a bit of regularity for a bit, in fact this could be the most profound thing I have ever said but…

Crazed man who has stared intently: (interrupts) Wait…so this isn’t fight club?

Teacher  1: No this is a meeting of SHIT! (self-help in teaching)

Another man: I thought this was map club? (Pulls out map) oh wait I see, I’m here and I actually want to be over here…