There was some teaching too

“Oh there you are Tim, hope you’re settling in alright. I know it’s not easy starting at a new school but we do our best to make sure you achieve a good work/life balance, did someone show you where the gents are?

Just a few housekeeping rules while I’ve got you, it’s just to make sure we’re all singing from the same song sheet and happy bunnies at the end of the day. First off, the learning intention for each lesson must be typed up, printed out, cut up, then glued into each book. This must be done at the beginning and end of each day and you’re not to ask a TA to do this, it’s your responsibility. The date must be in red, the learning objective below that in green, using the SassonCRInfant font of 12.

Also, milk must be handed out to the children, who are having milk, at the end of the morning lessons. There is a list of which children have semi or skimmed, other children should be given water in the classroom (there’s no outside water fountain, what are we like?) and fruit.

Now did I mention that the children need to change into their outdoor shoes before going to break and back into their indoor shoes before coming back into the classroom? It’s to keep the carpet clean, health and safety doesn’t take a day off here! Not on my watch!

Now the children need group targets on the wall, each child’s name needs to be laminated and placed alongside their group, they’ll need individual targets in their books, either on green or blue card, green for Literacy, blue for Numeracy, this should be printed on labels and once again be in the SassoonCRInfant font of 12. These should be changed regularly to reflect when he or she have met their target. Rather than annotate on them, we’d prefer it if you would print out a fresh label with the new target using the SassonCRInfant font of 12.

Lastly there is dishwasher duty, you’ll need to make sure the kitchen is kept clean and spotless after morning and afternoon breaks. The staff room should be immaculate and the interior of each cupboard should match the photos on the exterior of each cupboard.

Did I say lastly? What am I like? We expect displays to be changed weekly, this includes both Literacy and Numeracy walls and Literacy and Numeracy working walls.

Store cupboards will be checked fortnightly to make sure they are tidy and accessible.

Your desk must be tidy at the end of each day. The tops of any units or cupboards to be clutter free.

We have 4, count ’em 4 reward systems. One involves adding the childrens’ names to pegs (you know which font type we prefer) and moving them up and down a seven tiered reward system, another involves giving house points to different teams, one other involves adding stars to merit books, the child receives a certificate when they make a ‘pyramid of stars’, there’s also star of the week but that’s self-explanatory.

Do not use a yellow or green pen to dot a child’s assessed work, rather peel off a sticker of the designated colour. Simples! You’ll find stickers in your tidy, accessible and clutter free store cupboard.

There are reading record books, guided reading books, home jotters, home learning books and reading diaries.

Oh yes and all plans should be of A4 length for each day, using the SassoonCRInfant font of 12.

So, any questions? No?

Any plans for the weekend? No?”

There was some teaching too…


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