Wants and needs

Nerves were perceptible. My class were sitting their SATs and I was awaiting an interview. I felt better as I was wearing my lucky pants. I also felt vulnerable as I’d forgotten to wear anything else.

We had a shift around which meant we were in another classroom. Our own classroom is so small I imagine it was once used as either an asylum cell or interrogation room. The extra space was liberating. I found myself teaching in an extravagant style, with lots of hand waving and walking around the classroom for no clear reason. I even laid down in the library corner, just because I could.

In the Science lesson that followed we looked at changes that occur from children to adults. One child remarked that when you’re an adult “your craziness grows”. I thought it was an odd remark until I sat in on her Child Protection Meeting and heard just how crazy her life had become.

I remembered her once recounting a dream in which an alien had entered the classroom. This was a chance I felt to assuage any concerns and make her feel safe. “I bet I got rid of it” I said, looking at my most assertive and determined. “No” she replied “you ran around screaming”

I felt like I had ants in my lucky pants as we then sat through the most interminable of class assemblies. It says it all that when we got back to class I asked them what it was about. One hand went up. “It was about eggs, I think”. I would have turned a deaf ear if my class had started booing them. At one point I hoped a giant whisk would appear.

Messages then started to appear on my whiteboard. They began innocently enough, then gradually got weirder. I’m expecting by next week to have a message asking me to raise a million pound and hide it in a hollow tree trunk in Hyde Park. I’m less concerned about raising the money as I am about getting a hollow trunk onto public transport.

The interview was a protracted affair. If I smile for too long, I eventually look like I’m being coerced into doing it at gunpoint. The lesson I taught involved me telling the class they were designing a climbing frame for the playground. Their responses were so enthusiastic it occurred to me they thought I was from the local council.

When the news reached me that I’d been successful, I felt a bit like the hollow trunk. The truth is I’m only moving schools because I’m moving away. I was very relieved to have it but this was no time to run around screaming.

As I arrived back in school, I was greeted by my class with such an enthusiastic group hug, I felt even sadder that I would soon be gone. I wondered if the children in my next class would one day do the same thing.

I somehow doubt it. Their first words will be “Where’s our f*****g climbing frame?”


6 thoughts on “Wants and needs

  1. Jo

    Your class are going to be gutted when you move on :( all the best though Tim..looking forward to hearing all about your new school/class xx

  2. Tania

    Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth
    information you present. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out
    of date rehashed material. Fantastic read!
    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your
    RSS feeds to my Google account.

  3. Lauren

    Great blog! I am starting my primary PGCE this September and it’s refreshing to read such a positive and humorous approach to teaching life!

    1. timlondinium Post author

      Thank you so much for the positive comment Lauren! Promise me, should you start your own blog, you’ll let me know! It might help keep mind and body together and I’d love to follow your story.

      Best wishes,

      Tim x


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