I saw this quote outside, what will eventually become, my classroom:

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes Mohandas Gandhi

For the week I spent with my new school I attempted to think I was a teacher. The fact I was unexpectedly asked to teach some lessons helped. I arrived to find the current teacher showing the class words such as “metamorphosis” and “antidisestablishmentarianism’. Note to self: improve my vocabulary over the summer, it’s the only way I can uphold my honorificabilitudinitatibus.

I sat with my new class in a circle and realised they were more nervous of me than I of them. The first game I played “Can I guess the right child from the names on the register?” went down ridiculously well. I used to be a stand-up comedian and I only wish I’d had such easy audiences.

There were a few more unexpected moments. A child I rewarded for being the only member of the class stood quietly in line, turned out to be a selective mute. I also discovered how often I ‘ummm’ between sentences, as each time it provoked a response from a child called ‘Om’.

The class teacher forewarned me of one girl who steals everything that’s not nailed down. A 7-year-old kleptomaniac, although she looked so innocent I prefer to use kleptoenthusiast. Another child described an alien as looking like a ‘junkie’. She had a point but it left me stuck for something to say. I was relieved to discover she’d actually said ‘jumpy’.

My voice remained intact , which was a great relief as I never want to have to teach algebra through the medium of mime ever again and I even met some of the parents during parents evening. I was helped throughout by a teaching assistant who had been at the school so long she had taught some of the parents present. All in all, a worthwhile exercise with nothing yet to justify the panic I’ve been suppressing since gaining the job.

I have been leafing through notes taken from my PGCE course, in preparation for September. I found a number of doodles some of which I thought I would share. This has also been my hundredth post. Enjoy the summer, Tim x

Dreaming of sleep

I'm not sure of the lesson in which I drew this but it suggests I wanted to be somewhere else.

God flashes the world.

R.E. lesson - God flashes the world.

My fear of the 'Research Informed Teaching' lesson

My fear of the 'Research Informed Teaching' lesson

Gnome Envy

Gnome Envy

The day we discovered Ofsted inspectors really exist.

The day we discovered Ofsted inspectors really exist.

A fly slide

A fly slide

A game of cricket invaded by a giant multi-coloured bulldog clip...?

A game of cricket invaded by a giant multi-coloured bulldog clip...?


2 thoughts on “Turn

  1. Jo

    Another hilarious post Tim…loving the selective mute bit! Your new class are going to be so lucky having a teacher like you …such a fantastic sense of humour.Have a good summer! :)


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