Nearly Over

We’re entering the last phase of the course; gritting our teeth, grinding it out and hoping for the best. I had taken to using the backs of fellow commuters on trains to complete my marking. Once I too began to fall asleep standing up, I realised my daily commute was fast burning me out.

I hit upon the idea of staying at a B & B near the school for the remaining few weeks. The closest was ironically a former school that George Orwell had once taught in. As I sat in my room, I couldn’t help wondering if Orwell had written ‘1984’ or ‘Animal Farm’ while teaching here. Judging by the fact I had just danced ‘La Cucaracha’ with a cockroach, I suspect it was inspiration for ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’. It would explain why Orwell described the area as “one of the most godforsaken places I have ever struck”.

The B & B doubles as a haven for lonely business men with their meals for one. If the internet signal ever goes down around here you know about it. I avoid eye contact mostly, as my evenings are dedicated to working. I don’t have the time to console a grown man weeping on the end of my bed. Plus, I had already comforted a fellow student teacher who said she had spent the previous evening “practicing saying the words ‘I didn’t get the job’ without crying”.

My own eroded confidence has resulted in a complete abstention from looking for work. When a child given an opportunity to leave your class whoops with delight, and your mentor spends her time texting on her phone when you are explaining lesson ideas, something is wrong.

I was surprised to hear from a Hindu Prep School inviting me for interview. “Thank Ganesh for that!” I thought initially, checking to see the number of holy days a year they celebrate. My aim for the time being though is just to get through this placement. I’m a basket case but still just about able to keep up good enough levels of hygiene and sardonic humour to be allowed around children.

The good news is I have passed all my assignments (the only assignment I just scraped through was marked by someone with the surname ‘anal’, so they were bound to be over stringent) and I am just 10 days short of completing this mixed bag of a placement.

I only hope for a few things:

1) That I can get through this with mind and body together.

2) That I can pass my final observation and get my teaching status.

3) That the bird with the high pitched mating call outside my hotel window gets laid very soon.

2 thoughts on “Nearly Over

  1. Jo

    Aww keep going Tim…you are doing well and it will be all worth it in the end.I wish there were more teachers with your sense of humour x


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