Well it won’t write itself

So instead of working on my assignments, I’ve found out what search engine terms people used to eventually arrive at my blog (‘Are you an Alien? Experiences of a male primary teacher’).

The list is as follows (with my comments, in red of course):

an alien landed in the playground was there no available parking space?

are male primary school teachers sexy? Yes.

the day my teacher turned into an alien would like to hear more about this

my experience in male staff toilet in primary school and less about this

teacher angry alien school I recommend the book “He’s from outta space and outta control!”

aliens fear of salt true, it gives them high blood pressure

earrings on male teacher experience so last year

boy alien bubble dress so this year

how to give a running commentary on primary school sports day

alien as a teaching assistant in a school

alien as a teacher in a school he’ll be uncovered in the next Ofsted inspection

when i was child in primary school i had an experience good

english courses for alien in dorset

i am an alien  the first sentence you’re taught in the ‘English for aliens’ course in Dorset

how to see eyes when lady lecturer is teaching ask her to look up more often

alien leg shake the new dance craze sweeping the nation

teacher who doesn’t like her bitchy teaching assistant could I recommend an alien?

how to give a running commentary on primary school sports day

4 thoughts on “Well it won’t write itself

  1. diane

    so instead of my imminent deadline for my assignment, i sit looking at posts on blogs, i plan the minutes and realise I can’t get it done in the time frame…. oh look, another blog to read :)


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