Sun and the Rain

I thought Zak took the news that the sun will die in 5 billion years badly, but he took his love being unrequited, far worse. I saw his heart-break live. “I will paint my face white!” he pleaded “I will paint my shoes black!”. It was the actions of a desperate kid.

She was adamant though, that despite Zak’s place as fourth loudest whistler in School, she only wanted friendship. He disappeared to a corner of the library and grabbed the first book to hand (‘Keep your Hamster Happy!’). “Will you please kill me?” he said, as I came over to console him. “Take your feet of the seat first” I replied.

I basked in the playground sunshine and listened to everyone’s news. The girl who is allergic to pineapple chunks but not pineapple, breathlessly told me about managing her first head stand. A boy confided that his Dad works for the FBI (‘probably a taxi driver’ I reckoned). An autistic lad kept me less than entertained, but impressed, by recounting every tube station in London from A through to Z. Another boy told me about what sounded like an addiction to disclosure tablets. “It turns my spit pink!” he shrieked ecstatically. It was cathartic being around so many people in better spirits.

Speaking of spirits, and back in the relative darkness of our ‘exclusion zone’ (a fight within 4 seconds of PE – beat that!), Zak wanted to summon some spirits of his own. He wanted to find ‘Bloody Mary’, a myth he’d picked up from somewhere. I was reluctant for him to call forth a dead witch and potentially open the gates of hell, but hey y’know what kids are like when they set their mind to something!.

Mercifully, apart from a sign falling from the wall, which even I have to admit was a bit trippy, the rest of the day was calm. We sat and watched ‘Wonders of the Solar System’, which Zak found so entertaining I could hardly type his questions fast enough into Google.

I knew it was time to finally go home after the following conversation:

Me: (pointing to a motorbike in a book) wow, this motorbike could pull 135 horses

Zak: what about 136 horses?

Me: no

Zak: 137?

Me: no, and I can see where you’re going with this

Zak: 138?

Me: right, grab your bag it’s home time


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