Tomorrow’s the day

In any language this would have been funny. Outside the school gates this morning, an exasperated father was standing in the rain. The object of his anger was his daughter, around 5 years old, who had deliberately locked herself in daddy’s car. The more he shouted, screamed and demanded she open the door, the more she smiled sweetly and refused. She just didn’t want to go to school today.

At school today, I was reminded of the guy who named his children ‘Winner’ and ‘Loser’, as I met ‘Basher’. When he introduced himself to me, I thought he’d said Bashir, but no – it was definitely Basher. His parents may be hoping for him to become a ‘Commanding World Leader of Men’ but thus far, with his smarmed down hair and general lack of co-ordination and awareness, it’s a part of his History the Biographers might want to skip over.

I was also reminded to be vigilant. Zak was walking round in circles in the library, throwing out questions such as “do flies have showers?” and “is it true Iran sent a rocket into space with worms, a mouse and two turtles on board?” (the latter question I found was shockingly true). Someone had left a newspaper in the library and I was flicking through the pages, when the Headteacher stepped in. Other than having my feet up on the desk and being asleep, this could not have looked any worse. She appeared sympathetic to my cause though.

My cause is made all the harder by Zak continually choosing the wrong option. His classic mental aberration today, was to run away. He hurtled down to the main hallway and straight into an amateur violin concert. I was just behind him, but managed to stop before it was too late. He was quickly ushered into the front row. I couldn’t help smiling at him as I skulked away.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Easter Term, with lots of fun activities organized, including a Teddy Bears picnic. I will be tossing the gorilla and whacking the Pinata (neither of these are euphemisms, by the way).


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the day

  1. Jo

    Fantastic! My lad brought me an Easter egg today.Have a good break..i know i feel drained after this last half term :)x


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