The Brothers Grimm

We were given a preview of the drama club’s production of  ‘Cinderella’ today. The play was flowing along quite nicely until a sudden explosion of violence. Cinderella took it upon herself to murder the ugly sisters, the stepmother and every other cast member. Even the Fairy Godmother took one valiantly between the shoulder blades.

I didn’t remember this turn of events in the original, but there’s nothing like a bloodbath and a lack of voice projection to leave an audience stunned and confused.

It’s no fairytale for Zak at the moment but the fine spring weather seems to have improved his temperament. I can now add SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) to his list of conditions. My teaching of how to pretend to listen has reduced his number of exclusions from class and he even walked away from today’s playground scuffle unscathed.

A child twice his size (flab rather than muscle), swung for him. Zak’s reflexes and my intervention caused the kid to fall flat on his face. I refused Zak’s offer to high five for “teamwork”.

While waiting for their father to pick them up, I spoke to Zak’s younger brother for the first time. He seemed positive, respectful and polite, the antithesis of Zak.  Just as I wondered if Zak had been adopted, his brother piped up with “I wonder if Dad has been killed in a car crash?”. Like brother, like brother.


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