It’s the little things

The good news is that Zak’s behaviour improved today. The bad news is, it’s driven by the fact he no longer wants to work with me. I don’t take it too personally, it’s frustrating and exhausting for us both. He must feel self-conscious in class, having me sat next to him and at playtime it’s like he’s under surveillance.

I took the cause of Zak’s first temper eruption slightly more personally. A child innocently asked him if I was his Dad. I can think of worse insults and when I was dealing with my own familial confusion too. My Doppelganger, a supply teacher, had turned up and we were both being bombarded with “Are you brothers?”.

At lunchtime, I entertained the children by chasing a pea around a plate with a fork (who needs an Xbox 360?). Afterwards, I asked them where they were from ;

Me: So where are you from?

Child 1: Lebanon

Me (with knowledge of Lebanon limited):
oh wow! and where are you from?

Child 2: Albania

Me (with knowledge of Albania even more limited):
Oh I’ve heard its lovely there, and you?

Child 3: Afghanistan

Now while my brain blurted “oh that’s been in the news!”, thankfully my mouth took its time and said something more appropriate.

To put a halo on the day, the class teacher asked me to take the children to the playground, to be collected. I asked them all to greet each parent or guardian as if they hadn’t seen them for weeks. They were to rush towards them and embrace them (with a minimum two armed hug). Thankfully, they all saw it as a worthwhile game. I just sat back and enjoyed 28 wonderful moments.


2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. teachercreature

    The pea on the plate game is a classic! It is a great way to get through the trauma of a dinner duty, taking your mind off the food-related carnage going on around you. Lunchtimes are hard. But it’s not the noise or the uncomfortable seating that are the cause. You have to battle with your own gag reflex as you watch dozens of little people shovelling meat and gravy into (and on to) their faces. And don’t even get me started on the packed lunches. Monster Munch and yoghurt?! At the same time?!


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