To sleep, perchance to dream

Yesterday, I lunched with three crying girls. Each struggling through the tears to tell me their own version of events, which had led to ‘blubfest’. Today, I lunched with Warren ‘the Human Calculator’. Give him a sum and watch him go. He was like Carol Vorderman “on acid”. The Human Time bomb, that is Zak, interrupted my lunch to remind me we were due to see the Speech and Language therapist this afternoon. He’d already single-handedly announced the end of International Women’s day by throwing a ball in a girl’s face during the morning PE lesson.

He didn’t endear himself to me very much either, as the day wore on. “What do you like to do most at school?” asked the therapist, “Wind Tim up” he snapped back. My teaching skills must also have been questioned as he was given his first reading exercise. “Is this English?” he asked…

I was grateful for his lack of vocabulary later though, as he failed to understand the swear words I muttered under my breath. I had seen red (well not that bad, more magenta), after he threw my coat on the floor. It was the end of the day though, so I hurtled down three flights of stairs and had recovered sufficiently by the time I hit the playground. A technique the Pope’s brother perhaps should have tried.

It’s all immaterial anyway, as I’m due to be replaced by a robot. Zak may one day have his very own little Twiki. To paraphrase Phillip K. Dick “Do Robots See Grey When They Lose Their Temper?”.


One thought on “To sleep, perchance to dream

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