The curve

Apparently parents lie to their kids 100 times a year, I let slip a small white lie today too. Zak had complemented me on looking younger than my years. I told him the secret to my youthful looks is that I never drop litter. This is, of course, untrue but he somehow seemed to buy it.

I lied yesterday too. The class discussion was about the dangers of smoking. In some detail, a child described witnessing his cousin smoking a bong. What was this “glass thing filled with smoke?” he enquired. I shrugged, not sure if this was the right choice.

I’m slowly adapting to teaching in ways that sometimes catch me off guard. On my way to work I had to stop myself from asking a child to pick up a ball he was kicking while crossing the road. I remembered that not only was I out of work, but this child wasn’t even from the school I attend.

It’s encouraging when you’re new to a profession, to hear stories of people who’ve made mistakes you’re yet to. An elderly woman was telling me about her time working in a Mobile library. One day a child of around 5, in a fit of temper, kicked her in the shins. “What did you do?” I asked, “well” she replied “I kicked him back”.

She did feel immediate remorse and plopped the kid on her lap to read him a story. The next day, the child returned to the library with his mother. The woman feared the worst, but he’d only returned to thank her for her kindness.

My nephew told me of his Religious Education teacher, who moonlights as a World of Warcraft character. He’s also known as “Garwulf the Hedge Wizard”. To stand in front of a class and announce that takes some courage, in fact, the same level of courage that drove Zak to agree to sing a solo at next week’s Gospel rehearsal. “This will be interesting” I thought.

Just as I thought I had the teaching profession pretty much sussed, I made a rookie error. I high-fived an under 5. I was left with a mucus on my hand which could only be removed after repeated washing.


2 thoughts on “The curve

  1. Seren

    I was stumbling around looking for advice on how to deal with one of my kids, when I hit on your blog. Reading it has made me feel better for some reason. :-) It’s funny and well-written, I look forward to the next post.

  2. Richard

    You’re refreshingly positive in this blog.


    next time have the courage to tell the kid to pick up the ball.
    I see so many ordinary people fearful of being branded a peedo for doing things that are 100% justifiable.

    Be courageous.


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