And that was just the teaching assistants

Today was a first. I had to stop a child getting in to the School. Zak arrived at the School Gates and promptly threw his jacket over a neighbouring wall. When I asked why he did this, he replied so I “wouldn’t recognise him”. Scientists might call this the ‘Clark Kent‘ syndrome. I call it just plain weird.

The sum total of his efforts in the morning word game, was a five letter word. I congratulated him, then discovered it was ‘bored‘. He threw water over himself in the first lesson, laid flat on the floor during Assembly and punched a wall in frustration during breaktime (an act I secretly envied).

There was no explanation for any of the above behaviour. The water dousing could have been an absolution of sin, the laying down a recreation of Vitruvian Man and the punching of the wall…well maybe just because it was there. I’m always none the wiser and neither, rather worryingly close to the SATS, is he.

At lunchtime Zak was chased by a pack of kids. It was good exercise I decided, and I’d only have to intervene if he got caught. It all sounds rather heartless, but a day is a long time when you’re ‘banged up’ with a child with behavioural problems.

We both enviously watched the other kids in their afternoon PE lesson. He wanted to either read ‘Floppy Floppy‘, a book about a floppy dog or watch a short film on ‘Morris Dancing‘. I thought we’d both suffered enough, so ‘Floppy Floppy‘ it was.

Zak presented me with a picture at the end of the day. It was of me, with the words ‘Tim is the beast!‘. I really hoped it was an innocent spelling mistake.


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