We’re no Angels

At the staff meeting today, the Head Teacher asked a Year 1 Teacher for a favour. She wanted a boy, who’d been fighting, excluded to her class. “It’s not him is it?” she said, pointing to me, but meaning Zak. “Oh God No!” exclaimed the Head Teacher. Talk about being guilty by association.

To celebrate half-term Zak brought some firecrackers into school. My first confiscation, ahhh!. Later in the library, as Zak was telling me the Iranian leader had “made a great gas”, he made one himself. He swiftly apologised and looked embarrassed. I took it ultimately as a compliment, at least he’s relaxed in my company.

At assembly the Head Teacher presented certificates for children who had excelled during the week. Zak received a certificate, as he was the only child in the school yet to receive one. He hid his face behind the certificate. As I leant forward to pat him on the back though, I spotted a wide grin.

He is part-kid, part-Tazmanian Devil. He’s also capable of one moment saying that I’ve “ruined his life” and the next that he will “bring me gold from Iran”. With all that though, as we kicked a ball around in the playground like a couple of prison convicts, (he’s currently excluded from P.E. with the other kids), his enthusiasm made the playground feel a less lonely place.

I’m signing off for half term but might re-post a few favourite blogs over the next week. Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog so far, and for all your kind and encouraging comments.

p.s. This might be as close as I ever get to being a Radio 1 DJ giving a ‘shout out’ (Thank God) but two teachers have been in touch asking for a plug. The first is for Peter Pan Educational Resources (I too have often been called the boy who refused to grow up). The Manga High website has some fiendishly addictive maths games, who said learning can’t be fun?.


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