When scowls turn to smiles

The headline to this post sounds like one of those alarmist Channel 5 documentaries, but the week ended with Zak and I standing shoulder to shoulder (well not quite, as he’s half my size), as we soaked up applause during assembly. Some of the teachers and I completed a run yesterday in aid of Haiti, and we took a bow for our efforts. Zak had managed not to throw a chair, kick a wall or punch a child. I think he enjoyed his moment too, although he pretended to hate it.

During my last fun run, I’d been overtaken by a man running with his dog. This time, I finished with my credibility in tact. It could have been a different story though. I narrowly avoided being hit by a water bomb, thrown by one of the children, who was there to supposedly cheer us on.

In a turn of events, that made me wonder if there is a God, the same child received a football, slap bang in his face during playtime. A teaching assistant nearby exchanged quick ‘what goes around…’ glances with me. I hasten to add it was accidental.

Through some careful diplomacy by Roisin and regular trips to ‘Friendship Island’, Zak has now made some friends. It’s a pretty impressive turnaround, considering his original plans for the weekend were “to die”.

I ended the week with a last-second 35 yard equalizer in a kickabout in the playground. Just as I was about to reel off to celebrate, I suddenly remembered where I was – among a group of 11-year-old kids. I stopped in my tracks and made a mental note never to turn into this guy.

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