Time for Tim

Last year a show called ‘Tim: Against All Odds’ had the following tag line:

Throughout history, there have been no winners called Tim. No heroes called Tim. One man has vowed to change that. His name is Tim.

It’s true these preconceptions have never been proved wrong. Even when Mel Gibson played a ‘Tim’ he had to be mentally challenged. As a Tim, I wondered for a moment today, if I was somebody’s hero. A pupil approached me in the corridor, asking if he could recite a poem called ‘My friend Tim‘.  I admired this clearly cultured lad and wondered if stood before me was a future Poet Laureate. The poem is as follows;

From my nose I’ve picked a big, green bogey,
And I’m going to call him Tim,
So I think I’ll stick him underneath my desk,
Where no-one else can find him.

And when the school bell rings,
And its time to go back home,
I think I’ll stick him back up my nose,
So he’ll never be alone!

A sonnet worthy of (Tim) Shakespeare, plus I love a happy ending :)


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