War and Peace

One of the teaching assistants asked me if the ‘honeymoon period is over’ between Zak and I. “Yes” I replied “we’re getting divorced”.

It’s becoming like a horror version of ‘Groundhog Day’ for Zak. Everyday there are insults, situations, recriminations, exclusions  and tantrums. For someone new to the role, its difficult to witness all this, being as I am in the eye of the storm. “This isn’t what I signed up for” quipped one of the teaching assistants about his own similar experience.

Zak cried for the first time today, after a classmate told him he’s hated by everyone in the school. I obviously use the phrase ‘classmate’ loosely. I calmed the situation and told him it wasn’t true. “I like you Zak and…” I suddenly struggled to think of others I could mention, I nearly started making names up.

Later, he insulted a classmate during a French lesson. I would have been less critical if he had at least insulted her in french. Roisin reprimanded him, to the backdrop of Ravel’s ‘Bolera’, which filtered through from the classroom next door. I’m sure the levels of her annoyance and exasperation mirrored the steady crescendo of the music.

At the end of the day Zak tried to give me money. I felt I’d earned it, but explained it wasn’t proper or necessary to tip me. It was only 25p anyway (I don’t get out of bed for less than 30p).

He had also completed a drawing of me, I doubt he’ll be giving this kid sleepless nights anytime soon, it was a nice gesture though. Now if I can just bully a few kids into giving me their Ritalin, I’ll make it through to the end of the week.


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