That’s gotta hurt

The Multi-regional hypothesis states that Neanderthal Man are still among us. Judging by the guy on the tube today, who repeatedly took off and waved around his shoe, I’m tempted to believe it. Zak also displayed behaviour that wouldn’t have looked out of place next to a Woolly mammoth. And I know they didn’t co-exist pedants.

It was a day where both metaphorically and literally I was kicked in the knackers. Zak has very effectively alienated himself from everyone at school, kids and teachers alike. Once, his homeschool teacher told me of a Turkish child she worked with, who had the tendency to jump out of any open window. She described him as one of the few children she’s worked with worse than Zak. Right now, I’d take the”jumper”, you know what they say ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

At the moment I pour all my energy into making sure Zak stays out of trouble, and in school. In fact, such was my vigilance for him I didn’t see the arching miskick that landed squarely in my balls at playtime. Even the dinner ladies winced.


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