It’s all gone a bit Zola Bud…

Well, each day is proving eventful. I had to run after a kid who had stormed out of a PE session. The kid I was chasing after was barefoot, and determined to escape from the school and run home. I had to sprint past him and form a human barricade at the school gates. It must have looked a sight to any passers-by.

Zak had, with an almost disheartening inevitably, been involved. He had started the day promisingly though. His excitement about the sliding doors they have at his prospective Secondary school, was weird but infectious.

A lunchtime fracas later and he was telling me about suicidal thoughts. We took some time out to look at some google images of his city in Iran. The first three web pages were of hangings, whiplashed bodies and general barbarism. Eventually we arrived at more tranquil pictures of mountain ranges, hotels and Zak’s favourite topic, the airport.

To end a slightly fraught day, we all joined together for some Gospel singing. Enthusiastically sung by a choir of 300 pupils, John Farnham’s “You’re the Voice’ never sounded so good. If only we could harness the Power in ‘Power Ballads’ as a useful form of energy.


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