The Big Yin

I had an inkling it was going to be one of those shitty days you read about, before I actually read about it. It was in the air today, as Phil Collins nearly sang.

Elton John on the other hand, sang that ‘Saturday night’s alright for fighting’. My Sunday night is normally ripe for insomnia. Nevertheless, I was on good form, even if those around me weren’t.

It was a day of Yin and yangs. For example, having just finished singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a member of the class, I then had to break up a fight. Just as a teaching assistant was showing us novel ways to improve dexterity, her tooth fell out.

I had to cover her poetry class and even this proved an uneven experience. “I wondered lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw…stop climbing on his back and switching the light on and off!”.

It was a relief to escape to the playground for half an hour of football (I’m getting paid to play football!). Plus, a free school dinner at lunchtime! (during which I sat next to a kid so mature beyond his years, I expected him to pull out a spreadsheet detailing his overseas investment portfolio). I even ducked at the right moment when the caretaker absent-mindedly swung a broom around. The Yins have it.


One thought on “The Big Yin

  1. Mr C

    Don’t you love it when you walk out of the staffroom and there is the reliable 2 kids waiting to take your plate back to the canteen. :)


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