Space Oddity

A major (Tom) breakthrough of sorts today. Zak is more co-operative, but I had to reach for the stars to find a way. He mentioned his wish is to become an astronaut.

Every sentence I now utter is punctuated with either “an astronaut wouldn’t guess”, “an astronaut would concentrate more” or “an astronaut would want to get this done, so he could go out for playtime”. NASA may not, as far as I know, use these techniques, but they’re working for me.

We went through an exercise for how to phrase and deliver questions. I asked him to suggest three questions for me. His examples were;

“Why can’t you go to Italy?”

“Why don’t Iranian planes land properly?”

“Is it true that you have orange juice in your house?”

The last question came across like part of an interrogation. I admitted I do indeed have some ‘Tropicana’ in the fridge, but it’s strictly for medicinal purposes (vitamin C). It was our most productive day by far, we even high-fived at the end of it. Zak refused to do a moonwalk though.


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