Move over Keith Moon…

I’ve had a glass of wine and following that (within 4 hours) some Lemsip, this blog entry could get trippy. I have man-flu. Man-flu attacks and affects the part of the brain men use to downplay everything. It infiltrates the synapses causing them to think they have something far worse than the common cold. As a result, I was not overly keen on attending school today. I was hoping for more snowfall in North London, where my school is.

Yesterday I asked my wife, in the next room, to check the weather predictions;

Wife: wow, four feet of snow!

Me: in North London?

Wife: uh, no Kent…

Wife: …they’ve called the army in!

Me: in North London?

Wife: no, Hampshire

Wife: ….oh and this old woman got caught in snow and froze in her back garden

Me: that’s awful…in North London?

Today’s topic with Zak was life-cycles, after assuring him ‘vampires’ made no appearance in the human life-cycle, we managed to pretty much stay on course. By staying on course I mean :

Me: 25 – 15

Zak: the south of spain is nice, is that true?

Me: 25 – 15

Zak: I sometimes burp have you noticed that?

Me: 25 – 15

Zak: will your wife be pregnant?

Me: 25 – 15

Zak: easy, 10

Part of the life-cycle exercise involved a roleplay. Zak would be a tadpole, I would be a butterfly. We both looked at one another with a shared lack of enthusiasm. With Zak’s tendency to go off on tangents, I would undoubtedly spend a couple of hours waiting in the (butterfly) wings.

Zak later told me he may return to Iran, in a few months time. He seemed very enthusiastic about this. He told me about his family and how much they hug and kiss him (“I like the hugs, not the kisses though”). He proudly claimed that when he returns home, he will be a gentleman and wear a suit, whatever the weather. He also said he would miss me and I told him I’d miss him too.

I remarked how nice this will be for his family. He quickly corrected me “my dad won’t be coming with us”. This is the punishment meted out to anyone who has previously left Iran, to seek asylum. Zak went quiet after that. So we just stood together in the snow and waited for his Dad to pick him up.


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