A funny thing happened on the way to school…

I hesitate to use the word ‘funny’. Walking past a man openly urinating in the street is never pleasant, very slowly walking past a man openly urinating in the street is even worse. I was taking baby steps across the ice and occasionally slipping and staggering like a newly born gazelle, when I chanced upon him. Now normally I would have strode purposefully past and averted my eyes, but it took so bloody long for me to get past him I think I might have accidentally apologised.

Apologised! as if I was in the wrong somehow. “You’re brazenly and literally making the snow yellow in the middle of the street, but I really should have worn trainers with a better grip”. The same thing happened New Years Eve, a woman stepped on my foot and I instinctively apologised. She then had a go at me for apologising too easily!. Anyway I’m getting away from the point of my blog today, sorry.

Zak was absent today, as were a lot of the children. Until a sudden deluge, just after 9 a.m., the teachers outnumbered the class. I remembered something from Zak’s behaviour, the previous day, which provided further evidence of his suspected autism. In the playground an affable boy approached Zak and asked if he remembered him from the swimming pool. Zak ignored him, despite the boy’s best efforts. I even asked Zak to acknowledge the boy but he steadfastly refused. This is what it must be like for Big Bird trying to convince people of the existence of Mr Snuffleupagus.

Later, when I asked Roisin about the incident, she said its common for children on the autistic spectrum to associate people with certain places. They will then ignore or avoid a person they see who doesn’t fit that association. This could be  problematic for me on any school days out. I can imagine my despairing face from the back of the police van, after Zak has informed them he’s never seen me before in his life.

One quick “don’t kids say the funniest things” story from today, the children were coming up with sentences involving snow activities. One child had attempted “I like dodging snowballs” but had started to write “I like dogging” instead. I could mention that this child was in Hampstead Heath yesterday, but wouldn’t expect to be believed.


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