My first Inset Day

As requested by the headteacher,  I emailed the school about a week ago to ask what time I should arrive for my first day. Not having heard any further, I was up early this morning and had eaten, showered and dressed when I decided to check my email shortly after 7a.m.  Sent at midnight was an email from Caroline, asking me to come in for midday…

When the day eventually started I realized how necessary the Inset day was. I sat with the year 5 and 6 teachers as they went through inital planning for the terms’ literacy, numeracy and science. I felt a little like a fifth wheel, although on the few occasions I did interject, they made a point of stopping what they were doing, listening, nodding and then moving on. I’m just kidding, a few ideas of my ideas were taken on board.

It was a worthwhile and interesting exercise to observe.  I could kind of tell how long each of the people had been in teaching for, by the amount of preparatory work they had done. The NQT’s (newer qualified teachers) were brimming with ideas, Powerpoint presentations and suggestions, the older wiser sages merely agreed.

I was inevitably excluded from much of the extra curricular conversation as it was stuff about karaoke nights out or specific children in the class.  I did manage to get a joke in about the ballet lessons (graduating with a tutu (‘2:2’), geddit?). I left for the day on a positive note, Caroline mentioned that the home school teacher had received positive comments from Zak. He was keen to start at the school, determined to behave himself and he liked me. Three good reasons to come back tomorrow.


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